ArtBeat 2008

Event Date: 
Friday, July 18 5:00 PM - Saturday, July 19 7:10 PM

This year's ArtBeat theme is "Green"

Green can convey many things:  the environment; greed and money; newness and growth; and the Green Line T coming to Somerville. We hope to explore questions like: What is our relationship with the natural environment? How can nature inspire creativity and artistic production? How can we protect and preserve our natural world? Other interpretations of the theme might evoke questions like: How can money shape, support or corrupt artistic production? How might the Green Line coming to Union Square shape urban development and design? Artists and all community members may explore this theme in a variety of ways. Visual artists might work with natural or recycled material,create organic-inspired forms, or simply celebrate the color green. An architect might create a models of sustainable building designs. A documentary filmmaker might explore how corporate greed shapes our world while dancers might create a performance about growth