ArtBeat 2009

Event Date: 
Friday, July 17 5:00 PM - Sunday, July 19 7:00 PM

This year's theme is "Somerville... Of the Future..".

What will Somerville look like in ten years? One hundred years? A million years? Will the Green Line whiz through the ville? Will Spanish be more widely spoken than English? Will a martian be mayor? We will we evolve or devolve? Will our city sit submerged under the Atlantic -- thanks to global warming? Visual artists might exlore what art will look like in 100 years, when digital art has become passé. Architects and alternative energy enthusiasts might create futuristic windmills or give geo-thermal demos. A documentary filmmaker might explore
how corporations and chains will shape our future—in Somerville and beyond. A dance troupe may choose to explore post-apocalyptic Somerville. The only limit is your imagination. Your proposals boldly should go where no one has gone before!