Smallest Town Ensemble

Performance Date and Time : 
Saturday, July 15 5:00 PM

From the heart of Inman Square, Matt Bowker (Mount Peru trumpeter and keyboardist) has launched a charm offensive of lush arrangements and gorgeous harmonies, at the intersection of old-time song craft and newfangled technology where the Crosswalk Cowboy is always up early, lending a hand to guide people through the kaleidoscopic landscape of his vibrant little city. Bowker is joined by Belfast singer/songwriter/producer Colin Campbell, along with fellow Mount Peru alumni, Tim Nylander (drums), Alan Durell (bass), and Thom Valicenti (guitar). Brian Varneke at Deli magazine has praised The Smallest Town Ensemble’s debut EP, ‘Out East’, as a “love letter to the Somerville, MA, community… (that) weaves through a multitude of genres, creating a beautiful and poignant tapestry”.