Early in the community engagement and outreach process, a series of key “pillars” were developed upon which design and use could be built.

The Pillars of Art Farm


ArtFarm will support art and cultural programming with a flexible, adaptable framework and resources that foster creativity in an evolving Somerville.


ArtFarm will be powered by the shared social values of the diverse, multi-generational Somerville community that surrounds it.


ArtFarm will be a living lab for urban sustainable thinking, learning, and doing.


ArtFarm will create a ripple effect by cultivating meaningful partnerships that will have positive effects on the community.

Making ArtFarm Sustainable

Phase 1—Spring/Summer 2017

An initial phase of design and construction will involve the procurement and installation of a greenhouse, planting beds for community gardens and urban agriculture, as well as surface upgrades to provide ADA accessibility. Site improvements will direct stormwater runoff to planted areas and trees will help scrub pollutants from the air. This phase will allow for the activation of the expansive outdoor space for events and festivals, recreation and pop-up events.

Phase 2—Summer 2018

Phase two is envisioned as the construction of the proposed ArtBarn. The innovative 5,000 square-foot modular structure will allow for a myriad of activities—indoor and outdoor performances, art shows, yoga classes, community gatherings, dinners, formal events, cafe, and pop-up restaurants, among others. Designed to respond to the uncertainties of the physical development of the neighborhood, the deconstructable ArtBarn can be relocated to another site if necessary. Additional sustainable strategies are designed to use solar power and minimize environmental impact.