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EgoArt, Inc. and Weber Dance

EgoArt, Inc. and Weber Dance

Saturday, June 29 8:30 PM

406 Highland Ave.
Davis Square, Somerville

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In recent months, Nicole Pierce of EgoArt and Jody Weber of Weber Dance, created dances to a score by Zoe Keating—yet neither choreographer had any idea they were both using the same music!

For SomDance, the two choreographers will present their individual pieces first; then the two troupes will fuse the two different pieces into one performance. Finally the two troupes will perform a few short works afterwards.

Weber Dance is a contemporary concert dance company that engages the public in the expressive power of movement through programs that enrich, inspire and educate audiences, helping them to develop a deeper of awareness of the language of human movement, the history of American dance, and the transformative power of live performance.

EgoArt, Inc. was founded by Artistic Director Nicole Pierce in 1999 to pursue a consummate and provocative way to combine dance with other mediums. Their work is eclectic in nature and explores dance and movement through multimedia installation, site-specific productions, formal concert dance and comedy. For SomDance, they will present excerpts from their most recent piece, The Walk, which examines chapters of our lives and the ways we learn and mature.

Rain date: June 30th