The Team

The Team


Performance Date and Time : 
Friday, June 19 8:30 PM

Presenting Business Casual and Mammals Dancing, two dances about control, desire and comfort.

Rain Date: Saturday, June 20

The Team (directed by Michelle Marroquin) presents

Business Casual (25 minutes)  

Conservatively dressed women sit uncomfortably on chairs subjects of an odd and undefinable ritual.  High heels bounce, torsos heave and upturned bodies chew gum emphatically. From an unnamed malaise to tangled contact, to a contemporary folk dance for administrative professionals, Business Casual invites us to imagine the underworld of working women. 

Choreography by Michelle Marroquin
Performed by Michelle Marroquin, Katelyn Bermingham and Marya Moylan
Music by Tony Silva

Mammals Dancing (22 minutes)
Pijamas, underwear, animal prints or fur, what are we most comfortable wearing? Exploring the pleasure of movement and the tension between skin and clothing, these graceful movers glide through space in rotating angular sculptures, pausing to nuzzle fur, inspect each others smells, and bask in the pleasure of belonging to a pride.

Choreography by Michelle Marroquin
Performed by Michelle Marroquin, Katelyn Bermingham, Marya Moylan and Mayumi Doyama
Music by Tony Silva

The Team is an ensemble of visual and performing artists who make original art using the body, sound and objects. Exploring contemporary issues and gender inequality to create humorous fables with a wry wit. The Team offers a raw, live, and thought-provoking experience of performance art.

Michelle Marroquin (dancer/choreographer) has studied many movement styles including ballet, contemporary, Mexican Folklorico and Classical Indian dance. She has an MFA in performance and choreography from Smith College and a BA in dance and anthropology from Hampshire College. Her work has been commissioned for 4 consecutive years by Springfield College, and she has been a guest artist at the Williston Northampton School since 2010. Currently a candidate for a Physical Therapy Assistant license, she has a private practice in movement and bodywork, while teaching ongoing dance and yoga classes to dancers, seniors, and people with disabilities.