Matthias Rudolf: New Master of the Tartine Method

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Entrepreneur: Matthias Rudolf

From: Switzerland

Specialty: Organic Breads and Crackers



His story: Matthias arrived at baking after a journey filled with unexpected twists and turns. Originally from Switzerland, but growing up in Nigeria, Matthias had what he would describe as “a life of hobbies.” He was always interested in a wide variety of things in the creative field, which ultimately led him to a career teaching and writing. After receiving a copy of the Tartine Baking Book by Chad Robinson as a gift about a year and a half ago, Matthias began his pursuit. He eventually succeeded in baking his first loaf with the assistance of various people in his life, despite the initial challenges he faced. Matthias is currently a professor at Salem State University and always manages to squeeze time in his busy schedule to pursue his newfound love of baking. He is not only interested in making his bread by hand, but also how artisanal bread is a byproduct of the current economic system that he describes as a “bigger machine at work.”

Nibble projects and culinary business dream: Matthias describes Nibble as being invaluable in giving him a “sense of how to market a product and how to turn it into a business.” With a dream of growing his baking business, he currently runs his own CSA with clients that he delivers his artisanal bread and crackers to weekly.  He continues to be inspired by his family and curiosity, developing new recipes and sharing them with the community. In the future, he has thoughts of combining his writing background and his baking to produce a book about the material history of bread.

Favorite cooking utensil: Out of all his utensils, he describes his favorite and most useful tool as the bench knife. “It’s like an extension of my hand. Without this there is no bread. I can shape, cut, clean with it. There’s also the dough scraper too, but that’s less romantic.”

In their words: “Someone once told me, ‘Matthias, stop following the recipe. The dough is alive. It’s a living being. Just toss in all the sourdough, and feel it’. The moments that have been the most empowering for me are when someone suggests I do something, try something out. Baking is definitely an outlet for me. It’s one of those things that I try to do and I try to do it well. I started doing this and it’s definitely opened a lot of opportunities for me.”




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