Nibble Kitchen Update

As you’ve likely heard, Nibble is opening a kitchen at Bow Market in Union Square. It’s not everyday an arts council decides to open up a restaurant, but here at the Somerville Arts Council/Nibble, we like to think big. And now that our vision is becoming a reality, we thought we’d share the delicious details with you.

Earlier in 2018 the Nibble crew took a hardhat tour of the Nibble Kitchen site; from left to right: Meqdes Mesfin, Rachel Strutt, Sandra Suarez, Dani Wilcott.

  Schedule The talented duo at ASK Design/Build has already designed the space and Kneeland Construction is lined up to transform their architectural plans into a real brick and mortar space. Construction will begin in early October and the space will open for business in early 2019. Meanwhile, we’ve already started an ongoing series of pop-ups. Visit the calendar section to see our upcoming lineup!

ASK Design/Build has created a very malleable space that can function both for vending and for small cooking classes and private parties.

  Funding We are deeply appreciative to have city support for this project. Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone has been a big Nibble supporter from the get-go! On Sept. 13th, the Board of Alderman voted in favor of funding a large portion of this project, so construction can commence. However, we still need money to complete the project, so a crowd-source funding campaign is coming up. Please stay tuned!

At a recent Nibble vending event at Bow Market, “Las Carolinas” had a long line of folks excited to buy their Venezuelan arepas! Nibble will have plenty more vending events at Bow before our actual space opens in early 2019.

  Concept Nibble Kitchen will feature a wide-ranging international menu that rotates—Venezuelan arepas one day, Ethiopian wots the next—you get the picture. The kitchen will also offer small cooking classes and demo dinner parties. It will be a place of cultural interchange where people can come together and share ideas through food, while experiencing exciting new flavors and dishes.

Like the overall Nibble initiative, the kitchen has a strong social justice and economic development component. Our entrepreneurs are predominantly female, hail from our rich immigrant communities, and most are lower income. Nibble Kitchen will allow them to test out restaurant concepts in a low-risk environment before launching independent businesses and share their cultures via food.

Judy Yao, Nibble’s Culinary Coordinator, becomes an honorary Venezuelan for a day when working with “Las Carolinas” on World Arepa Day at Bow Market.

  Other Kitchen Objectives + Convey mission of the city by supporting our rich immigrant communities + Incubate entrepreneurs and generate spin-off businesses + Propel culinary tourism + Help maintain the diverse character of Union Square + Serve up delicious food you won’t find elsewhere!   About Bow Market Bow Market provides small-scale storefronts to established and aspiring chefs, retailers, and artists from Somerville and Greater Boston. A former warehouse, the market stylistically marries the old and the new and features a large courtyard where there are often cultural events and gatherings. Nibble is thrilled to be part of this project.