Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Magpie Puppets

Performance Date and Time : 
Monday, May 22 6:00 PM

Maggie Whalen of the Magpie Puppets kicks off the Puppet Palooza 2017

Fairytale Flashback--Goldilocks stumbles upon an empty house, gobbles up porridge, breaks a chair, and takes a snooze. She’s awakened by three bears and runs home to her mother. That is the story we have all heard, but is that the real story? In this version, Goldilocks’ mother is horrified—not by the bears, but by her daughter’s poor manners! She sends Goldilocks back to apologize, bearing blueberry pancakes and a promise of chair repair. The apology is accepted and Mama Bear even gets “help” from the audience with some much-needed household chores. 
Recommended for ages 3 and up.