Handcrafted Bridal & Fashion Jewelry, Pianist and Singer/Songwriter

Artist of many trades focusing on Jewelry Design and music. Piano, singer-songwriter. Interested in networking, collaboration in any/all arts!

Joetta Maue

Joetta Maue is an artist, curator, and arts writer. Her most recent body of work is a series of embroideries and images exploring the conflicts and contradictions that exist within intimacy and the domestic space. Joetta’s work resides within the realm of the everyday, everyday objects, autobiography, and the female. She is especially interested in the role of personal relationships in our lives, seen in our most intimate moments and spaces.

Graphic Designer

Children's book designer by day, maker of miscellany by night

Nameless Mission

I am an artist and youth worker living in Winter Hill.


Accordionista, singer, illustrator, with a focus on the fantastical and the geeky.

Emily Arkin

Editor for digital scholarly publications by day, and a musician/artist/event organizer by night. Emily has played rock guitar and violin in bands for a dozen years (after jumping the fence from classical)--in bands The Operators, Quincunx, and Shepherdess and Somerville music collectives Handstand Command and Compound 440R.

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