Alternative covers spanning the last 23 years

Shirley Prison Riot

2 Ivaloo St., Somerville (see map on right)
Band Contact: Leif Holtzman
Saturday, May 13 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

In the late 90's, Shirley Prison Riot was a band on the rise. They had bookings at teen centers in greater Devens, a 2nd place finish in a battle of the bands... even a website. Unfortunately, their career was sabotaged by decades of betrayals, crimes of passion, and name changes. Fortune struck during the local prison riot that is their namesake - they realized then that their individual troubles started when they stopped performing together. Vowing to return to the stage, they were soon recording demos over their disgraced publicist's speakerphone. Now, they are ready to fuse their unrealized potential with their grizzled cynicism to form the rock n' roll behemoth that is their destiny.

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