Traditional 35 mm black & white photographer

I seek to communicate the essence of Place in my work;  to communicate our need for each other, and our relationship to the Other. I began photographing at the age of 16, and after pouring over a Christmas gift, Ken Heyman's "All the World's Family" in 1983, I knew my camera would never be far from me!  I work primarily in 35mm format, using silver-based film, making my prints in a wet darkroom. Since 2011 I've included my cell phone—currently a Galaxy S4—as part of my tools.

Jennifer Weigel

Jennifer Weigel is a multi-disciplinary mixed media conceptual artist. Weigel utilizes a wide range of media to convey her ideas, including assemblage, costume, drawing, fibers, installation, jewelry, painting, performance and video. Much of her work touches on themes of beauty, identity (especially as it pertains to gender identity), memory & forgetting, and institutional critique. Feel free to check out more of Weigel's work on her websites here:

Painting & Photography


Joetta Maue

Joetta Maue is an artist, curator, and arts writer. Her most recent body of work is a series of embroideries and images exploring the conflicts and contradictions that exist within intimacy and the domestic space. Joetta’s work resides within the realm of the everyday, everyday objects, autobiography, and the female. She is especially interested in the role of personal relationships in our lives, seen in our most intimate moments and spaces.

Baab, Jim

Artist Photo
Somerville, Massachusetts

Jim Baab Photography

Rapidly evolving smartphone photography has streamlined the way humans engage, document and share the world around them. The simplicity and convenience of my iPhone outweighs its limitations; and, it consistently boosts my creativity.

When engaging my world, most of the time, I am drawn to a quality of light. Additionally, overlooked accents in simple scenes inspire me to, as my wife puts it, "extract hidden qualities from the mundane."

Joseph Maxwell Photography

Based in Somerville, Massachusetts, Joseph Maxwell is an active photographer in the Greater Boston Area. Experienced in Event Photography, he is interested in using his skills to capture and document all occasions. 


Danielle Martin

 Knowledge Manager, Intel Computer Clubhouse Network

czesniuk, stan

, Massachusetts

stan czesniuk


PRINCESSdie explores our past, present and future human impact on the world through interdisciplinary and collaborative practices including, video installations, dynamic websites, animated gifs, photography, music, performance, and art sabotage pulling content from various sources including the Internet, historical and current source material; weaving the complexities of the world.

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