Tarciso Alves Forró Band

30 Puritan Rd, Somerville (see map on right)
Band Contact: tarciso alves
Saturday, May 12 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Tarciso Alves is a singer/songwriter specializing in Forró, a North-Eastern Brazilian folk genre . He grew up in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, steeped in the region's traditions of music, folk dancing, and spoken-word poetry. His band is composed of Camilla Zt, vocalist and percussionist, haling from the south of Brazil, accordionist Paulo Shibaray from Pernambuco, with 10 years Forro experience. They'll perform songs connected to Brazil's traditional "San Joao" festival, which coincides with porchfest, and celebrates the corn harvest.

FORRÓ ZABUMBECA - Brazilian dance music

325 Lowell St, Somerville (see map on right)
Band Contact: Adam Bahrami
Saturday, May 13 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

FORRÓ ZABUMBECA plays dance music from the Northeast of Brazil using all the latest technology: 8-bass button accordion, rustic fiddle, 7-string acoustic guitar, zabumba bass drum, & one large triangle.

Join us on our FAVORITE PORCH for an energetic set of traditional and original forró! -- Bring you're dancing shoes!

• Paddy League - 8-bass button accordion, rustic fiddle & vocal
• Adam Bahrami - 7-string guitar
• Catherine Bent - triangle
• Gustavo Ramanzini - zabumba bass drum

VIDEO of Forró Zabumbeca at JOHNNY D's:

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