Fantastic Liars

...and when we came to, we didn't know who we were , or how we wound up in the middle of the desert, surrounded by guitars, drums, and a thousand dying vampires, we were just happy to be alive. But when we hopped into that crimson minivan of freedom to make our escape, we knew we had to tell our story, so we vowed to form the greatest band ever, we are, Fantastic Liars.

Dan Jordan

I'm a classically trained pianist and violist, and a largely self-taught guitarist and singer. I like to write songs. Check out my music on my website and my youtube channel, both of which I will get around to updating one of these months. In my day job, I work in a genetic research lab at Harvard where I spend my time unraveling the mysteries of the human genome.

Kristina Blanchflower

Kristina wants to be your friend and she’ll be good at it.

Hailing from central MA and currently living in Somerville, Kristina has emerged as a musician who presents a unique melding of lyrical charm, coupled with distinctive instrumental crafting.


Nemes is an unquestionably unique 5 piece rock/folk band from Worcester, Massachusetts. Led by duel frontmen Dave Anthony (Guitar/Vocals) and Josh Knowles (Violin/Vocals), the band brings what Worcester Magazine calls “a nuclear power plant's worth of energy” to any venue they enter. Energy isn't the only thing Nemes is focused on though. The band's songwriting, involving memorable lyrics and catchy hooks, will always be at the forefront, followed by a wide array of top-notch musicianship.

As The Sparrow

As the Sparrow is a folk influenced rock-swing band based around the songwriting of Mark Damon. In 2009, while majoring in Theater at Salem State University and working as a professional actor in downtown Salem, Ma, Damon decided that his heart belonged to music. After writing an album's worth of songs he teamed up with his longtime friend Kenneth Mckeen, who in the fall of 2009, flew in from Michigan after performing in the Johnny Cash musical "The Ring of Fire" on upright bass. Soon after, Leo Fonseca and Yves Francois joined the group on trumpet and percussion.

The World is Square

The World Is Square is a Square-Enix tribute band. From Woburn, MA, The World Is Square takes video game music and makes it real. We take the music of your favorite Square-Enix video games (Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, etc) and bring it to life!

Megan Curtis


Sophie is a guitarist and bassist. She played bass with the band The Sinister Turns for six years and also sings solo with acoustic guitar.

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