Windows Arts Project


Somerville 1995: There were not many venues for presenting and viewing art, especially local art. The city had hardly any coffee shops. The only galleries were at the Somerville Museum and Brickbottom. Somerville Open Studios had yet to emerge. And real estate agents (of which there were also fewer) hadn’t even considered showing art as a means to entice clientele. Public art didn’t really exist, except for a few disconnected examples, and temporary public art in the area was unprecedented.

The Windows Art Project – WAP – helped change all that. It resulted from a random thought which occurred at a Somerville Arts Council public meeting in early 1995, and the project was launched that July. The intent? To intersect art and businesses within the community for mutual benefit. The longevity of WAP as it moves into its 11th year points to its success and popularity.

WAP was one of the Boston area's largest public art events. Since its inception, this juried exhibit has infiltrated public and private spaces of Somerville's Squares. The project ran for many years in Davis Square; and from 2003 to 2005, the Somerville Arts Council moved WAP to Union Square.

We will be getting work up on the site as time progress.