ArtBeat artist for 2017 Nicole Anguish

ArtBeat 2017 Schedule

Due to bad weather on Friday night; Friday night schedule has moved to Saturday night; same acts, same time.

Our schedule is done.  Full and briming with verve. Enjoy the vocal expressions. 

For a full pdf printable schedule download here

Date Time Location Performance
July 15 12:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Henry Acker Gypsy Jazz Trio
July 15 1:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Stars Like Ours
July 15 2:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Jorge Arce & Raiz de Plena
July 15 3:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Red Right Hand
July 15 4:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Hillbilly Holiday
July 15 5:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Smallest Town Ensemble
July 15 6:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Kina Zorė
July 15 7:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Sugar Blood Jinx
July 15 8:00 PM Seven Hills Stage The Northeastern Railroads
July 15 9:00 PM Seven Hills Stage This Bliss
July 15 12:30 PM Elm St. Stage Strangers By Accident
July 15 1:30 PM Elm St. Stage Tory Silver
July 15 2:30 PM Elm St. Stage Ebinho Cardoso & Albino Mbie
July 15 3:30 PM Elm St. Stage Kali Stoddard-Imari & Ancestors in Training
July 15 4:30 PM Elm St. Stage Air Congo
July 15 11:00 AM Elm St. Plaza Magpie Kids' Band
July 15 12:00 PM Elm St. Plaza Knucklebones
July 15 1:00 PM Elm St. Plaza Jeremy Lyons
July 15 2:30 PM Elm St. Plaza Jungle Jim
July 15 3:30 PM Elm St. Plaza Ideas, Not Theories